SCENE is a novel concept of a secure mobile IoT platform for smart city applications based on vehicular networks and targeting at mid-sized municipalities. It offers synergies among public projects and decreases costs of smart city initiatives.

Our objectives

SCENE aims to develop an integrated solution that supports wide variety of IoT and mobile applications. SCENE solution for smart applications should support existing and future smart cities services through its open interface.

Definition of the underlying system infrastructure architecture and communication protocols

Since the system consists of four main modules, the intelligent gateway, the service platform, the integrated security layer and the dashboard. The objective is to customize the intelligent gateways so that it supports as much as possible IoT sensor communication protocol.

Implementation of application layer structure/interfaces

SCENE will support different application protocols such as MQTT,COAP, etc. This implies that SCENE should define the interface and signalling between different protocols. As SCENE aims to support edge computing and caching, the interfaces and call flows will be defined as well as the characteristics of using edge computing.

Compatibility of both mobile content delivery and IoT based services

As SCENE is proposing an innovative idea of integrating both digital content delivery and IoT system into one integrated architecture, the interoperability between the two technologies will be verified.


Security framework for both content delivery and IoT

SCENE will be a secure platform, fulfilling the security by design requirement by embedding security components within the overall design and ensuring their relevance to identified security challenges. SCENE will make use of existing IoT security protocols. When necessary, SCENE will leverage on a lightweight frame integrity protection scheme and implement signature-based and machine-learning anomaly-based intrusion detection.

Management framework

SCENE will implement an integrated management platform that allows monitoring different system component through dashboard module. SCENE management framework will allow automatic service provisioning and management as well as a recovery system for unexpected service interruptions to prevent data loss.

System integration and “Living Lab” pilot

SCENE Living lab objective is to benefit from the ecoystem prior and during the field trial for co-creation of new ideas, scenarios and business models. Innovative ideas/scenarios will be explored by the multidisciplinary teams of partners, potential customers and other stakeholders prior to the field trials. Selected scenarios and implemented services will be examined and evaluated during the field trial with high level of agility.


The SCENE consortium consists of 3 industry partners: AlmaViva, a large system integrator from Italy, JCP-Connect, a French SME and VisionWare, a Portuguese SME, as well as an academic partner, CEA from France and a Public Transport Company, Azienda Metropolitana Trasporti Catania, from Italy This interdisciplinary consortium brings complementary expertise for the successful commercialisation of SCENE.


SCENE consists of intelligent gateways embarked on vehicles that integrate content delivery and sensors information collection/processing and a service platform that implements additional processing logic, manages the intelligent gateways and interacts with external services like smart city applications and access networks. SCENE will be built on top of a solution for content delivery in transport, developed in a Eurostars program.