5G Mobile Edge Computing with Enriched

Radio Network Information Services

ARGELA, a member of Turk Telekom group of companies of Turkey ( http://www.argela.com ), provides telecom operators with turn-key next generation solutions with a strong commitment to developing the most innovative products & services, understanding operators’ needs, customizing solutions accordingly and building continuous relationship with its partners and customers. ARGELA’s solutions portfolio includes Small Cell & Home Gateway, Internet TV, Interactive Avatar Application, Targeted Advertising Platform, IN & Applications, Network Performance Monitor, Fixed-Mobile Convergence and Software-Defined Networking solutions.
ARGELA has been working on an active research project on SDN and NFV, which is called MILAT, for Turkey’s Under Secretariat for Defense Industries. MILAT aims to provide an infrastructure for enabling dynamic cybersecurity and cyberdefense  mechanisms, to reduce the dependency on foreign security- critical communication infrastructures, to provide security-sensitive dynamic configuration abilities attuned to the exigence of military, public-defense and commercial entities. ARGELA is willing to bring the expertise and experience gained in MILAT to the MEC project.
Additionally, ARGELA has another ongoing 4.5G LTE-A Base Station development project called ULAK, which is again funded by Turkey’s Under Secretariat for Defense Industries. ARGELA’s specialty in ULAK and Small Cells will definitely add to the project as it will lead to the development of MEC capable and more competitive eNBs and small cells.
Finally, ARGELA has been a very active member in ETSI’s Industry Specification Group for Mobile Edge  Computing (ISG MEC). The proof of concept (PoC) proposal named ‘Healthcare – Dynamic Hospital User, IoT and Alert Status Management’ created in partnership with Quortus, infrastructure provider ARGELA and operator Turk Telekom has been accepted by ISG MEC on July 2016. The PoC considers a typical healthcare use-case, deploying edge intelligence and dynamic network configuration capabilities – including network slicing – to optimize communication services in a hospital environment. In the light of all of these projects, ARGELA truly believes that the concept of MEC will be a key technology towards 5G. As a company who aims to interconnect defense and telecommunications, ARGELA sees MEC as a strategic subject therefore seeks to contribute to the 5GMEDE with the right resources and dedication.

ARGELA’s main research areas include:

  • Wireless Access (4.5G Base Station development, SON – Self Organizing Networks, OAM – Operations, Administration and Maintenance, 5G networks, 5G Programmable Base Stations, Base Station Virtualization, Network Slicing, Mobile Edge Computing, Next Generation network architectures),
  •  Software Defined Networks (SDN Architectures, Controllers, Applications, Solutions, etc.)
  • Network Performance & Analysis Tools (Real time signalling extraction, KPI analysis, Regulatory services, Lawful Intercept, etc.)

ARGELA actively performs research and participates in several FP7 (ROMEO, OFERTIE, BATS, COMBO, Forget-IT, ACTION-TV) and Eureka Celtic-Plus (TILAS, H2B2VS, MITSU, SIGMONA) projects. Moreover, the company collaborates with 15 national and two international universities, totalling to 58 projects carried out with 48 professors, covering a vast field of topics such as Cloud Technologies, Small Cells & Radio Resource Management, Software-Defined Networks, Localization, e-Health, Energy Efficiency, Data Mining & Recommendation Systems.